They Like Us!

I’ve been to several of Bryce’s shows and each one has been a surprise. Bryce combines bawdy, adult humor, tender moments of sincerity, and smart, political commentary that will have you leaving happier than when you came. Your face may hurt from smiling and laughing, but the escape will be good for your soul. Kudos to all the Culver performers, both front and center and behind the scenes. Bryce’s shows are wickedly entertaining, but they also have heart- the Culver Crew CARES about making the world a better place for everyone.

Elizabeth, Newton

“First drag show I’ve ever been to, and I had such a good time. All the performers were great! I highly recommend if you ever get a chance to see Bryce Culver and his clan do it, you won’t regret it.”

Tina, Allentown

“I am fairly new to drag show entertainment & I’m glad I found Culver Entertainment.

Prior to finding Bryce Culver’s troupe, I attended two drag QUEEN shows. One was “family-friendly,” as it was a premier event in a community college serving a region with a mostly conservative political viewpoint. The audience understood the event was groundbreaking & hopefully, students attending this college would feel they finally have a safe place to be themselves.

The other venue had a pageant/competition theme. There were two drag KINGS, one performer was in MTF transition & the rest of the performers were drag queens. To me, it seemed apparent that the two female performers weren’t truly welcome; it felt more of a nod in order for the venue to be labeled inclusive.

I did not enjoy the show, or rather, some components of the show. For me, the repetition of splits, half splits & strutting about while waving a fan became boring. To be fair, even in my prime, I could not do a half split, so I give props to anyone who can pull off jumping about while wearing platform shoes or stilettos.

The deal-breaker was the liberal use of vulgarity, & its lack of creativity. I also didn’t appreciate the MC verbally attacking some of the audience members. Now, don’t get me wrong, if the MC & the performers were being heckled or threatened, I could understand not tolerating anyone’s criticism or bullying. However, the MC did it in a comedic way, to fill in time between sets.

Now, onto the Culver Crew. Bryce’s family performs in a VARIETY show: there are themes, some of which incorporate a related nonprofit fundraising venue. Of course, there is lipsynching, but there is dancing, comedy & audience participation. In a circus-themed show, audience members were brought on stage to participate in a magic act. In that same show, there was juggling & a hula hoops act. In a Halloween-themed show, audience members were invited to arrive in costume. In addition to vampires & a werewolf, appearances were by a sumo wrestler, Cousin It, Dr. Frankenfurtur & Jack Skellington.

Although the productions showcase drag Kings, women, regardless of their sexual orientation, are welcome to perform as women. One performer dances burlesque style.

Another thing I like about Bryce Culver Productions is the adherence to current health safety guidelines. People are welcome to not wear a mask but must show proof of vaccination. People who choose to eat during the show are seated in the back. This feature minimizes my annoyance at the prospect of the stage being blocked by the wait staff bringing someone their food.

Overall, if you’re looking for something new to do & enjoy supporting budding performance artists & women-owned businesses, I suggest checking out a Bryce Culver Production.”

Carmen, Stewartsville, NJ

“I’ve been to a few of your shows and will make every effort to attend as many more as I can. By chance I attended a show at Superior Diner in Emaus. I had the best time! I laughed so hard at the adult humor (not vulgar) and was pleasantly surprised about the idea of Drag KINGS! Well done! Loved the variety of acts- very Vaudeville too! Glad you have a second location closer to me in Delaware at Bootless Stageworks. Thank you for your hard work in putting on such a terrific show!!!!”

Sue, Wilmington, DE

“Hands down the best show I’ve been to in a while. We went to the Elton John show, and we got so much more than expected. The show was funny and entertaining and beautifully done. The costumes were amazing and colorful and captures you imagination…. simply what you came for…. but so much more… the raw comedy of Bryce Culver is simply funny as hell and keeps you laughing the whole entire time… Every performer brings something completely different to the table so definitely not a one trick ponies…I cannot wait to attend more shows…as they can only get better and better. ☺️ So much raw talent of every individual.”

Taran, East Greenville, PA